remy metialler on rocky mountain 2017

Remy Metailler, the ex-Commencal rider and local Whistler rider, may have just leaked that he will be riding for Rocky Mountain for 2017!

Remy Metailler has a very busy life! When he’s not whipping everything in sight on his downhill bike, recovering from a broken back, you can probably find him at Core Whistler, training for the coming season.

The question is, “What bike will Remy be riding for 2017?”. Metialler has recently left the Commencal team, but hasn’t revealed which team he will be riding for in the coming 2017 season.

Well how about a local Canadian brand for the young rider? Could Remy Metailler be riding for Rocky Mountain from this year?

The hint comes from a recent video posted to Metailler’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. The ‘story’ shows the rider training hard, meeting new other riders and ending with a still photo of a retro Rocky Mountain mountain bike with the caption “New Whip 2017”. Watch the video below to see for yourself;

So what do you think? Is this a crafty little hint? Or are we reading to far in to this?