blake samson riding for canyon 2017

Blake Samson’s latest Instagram posts hint that he has left Saracen for the new Canyon team!

The 2017 Team changes game just won’t end with more news breaking by the day! Just this week we’ve seen official announcements from Josh Bryceland, Manon Carpenter and Commencal, and we’ve seen teasers from NS Bikes and Canyon!

Speaking for Canyon there are rumours circulating that Blake Samson will be joining the new Canyon team, and the source of these rumours is as reliable as it can be! Blake Samson has been posting Instagram stories over the past few days which clearly show him with Canyon bikes, and even tagging the Canyon Stitched 720 in a post today!

Canyon Stitched 720

Officially Blake is still signed for the Madison Saracen team, but it looks fairly likely that there will be an official announcement stating that he has left in the next few days. When it does become official it will be the 2nd rider to leave Saracen Madison this year, the first being Manon Carpenter who will ride for Radon in 2017.