DVO Onyx launched

DVO Suspension aren’t really known as manufacturers of budget suspension, but over at the Taipei Bike Show the company has launched two new ‘affordable’ forks.

As we all know, DVO Suspension came about after a bunch of very talented engineers and designers decided to leave Marrzocchi. Over the years now, DVO has impressed the cycling industry with the Diamond single crown fork and Emerald USD downhill forks.

While the company is know for really high-performance productions, they are also known for making rather pricey equipment hence two new fork launches.

Neither of the new forks can really be described as budget forks, but both offer significant savings over current models and, according to DVO, offer the same performance we’ve come to expect.

DVO Beryl Specifications

DVO Beryl

What would happen if you took the DVO Diamond and took away some of its external adjustments while maintaining its buttery smooth action? Well that’s what DVO wanted to know and the result is the new Beryl fork.

Apparently even DVO’s sponsored riders couldn’t feel the difference between the Diamond and Beryl, and although the external adjustments for OTT have been removed and moved internally performance remains the same as the high-end fork.

The Beryl uses a simpler camber named the D2, but even in this more affordable fork riders can still adjust low-speed compression, rebound and air pressure.

DVO will offer the Beryl in up to 170mm travel and in both 27.5 and 29-inch fork legs.

DVO Beryl Pricing and Availability

The Beryl will go on sale later in the summer for around $750 USD and interestingly weighs slightly less than the Diamond at only 2080g (4.58lbs).

DVO Onyx DC Specifications

dvo onyx

DVO haven’t forgotten about the downhill market, and for 2017 they’ve announced the new Onyx fork.

Again, this can’t be called a budget fork, in fact this fork is still rather pricey and will sell for $1700 USD, but that is still $500 less than the current Emerald.

dvo onyx

The new DVO Onyx is a standard configuration dual crown fork, which certainly makes manufacturing a lot easier. Travel is 203mm, but this time around the fork receives the damping system found in the Diamond. This is very good news and instantly promises amazing performance.

Riders have plenty of turning options to play around with too, including air pressure, OTT, plus high and low-speed compression.

We’ll have more launch news from Taipei through the week.

Photo Source: Pinkbike