starling mumur everything you need to know

With the announcement that you can now ‘win’ a place in line to buy a Starling Murmur, what better time do we have than now to go over all the features of this steel, full-suspension bike.

First of all let’s get a bit of history out of the way. Starling is a small frame maker based in the UK who specialises in producing steel bike frames. The company portfolio consists of just 3 bikes at the time of writing, the Starling Murmur 29, Starling Murmur 27.5 and a prototype single speed called the Beady Little Eye.

Since the company is small and, since Starling is seeing a huge amount of attention, it’s currently not possible to simply order a Starling frame, but there is a competition that will allow you to jump the queue and get in line (details here).

starling mumur everything you need to know

The Murmur is the frame that has gained most attention and has already been piloted by team riders in various races across the UK.

starling mumur everything you need to know

Starling used a mixture of Reynolds 853 and 631 for the front triangle while the rear end of the bike is bade from Columbus Life and Zone tubing. The two triangles are connected by a simple single pivot which give the bike 145mm of rear wheel travel.

In it’s 29-inch form the Murmur comes with a 66° head angle, slack enough to hammer tough EWS stages but not to slack to be on the extreme end of things. Below is a geometry sheet for the bike, but these are really just guidelines as everything can be tweaked and adjusted by the customer.

starling mumur everything you need to know

Frame prices start from £1850, but this might change depending on what custom additions you ask for. Complete bikes or frames can be bought and each one comes with a custom tuned shock from Fox or XFusion.

Starling Mumur Gallery

Starling Mumur Specifications

  • Hand built in steel in Bristol, UK.
  • 145mm rear travel.
  • Built for 29″ wheels.
  • 2.35″ tyre clearance.
  • Reynolds 853/631 and Columbus Life and Zone tubing.
  • Custom head tube angle, down tube. length/reach and seat tube length.
  • Custom shock options from Fox, XFusion and more.
  • Custom component options available from Funn, Burgtec, Stans, Mudhugger and RyanbuildsWheels.
  • Available as frame only or complete build.
  • Frames from £1850.

For more details visit the Starling website