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DVO Launch ‘Budget” Beryl and Onyx In Taiwan

DVO Suspension aren’t really known as manufacturers of budget suspension, but over at the Taipei Bike Show the company has launched two new ‘affordable’ forks. As we all know, DVO Suspension came about after a bunch of very talented engineers and designers decided to leave Marrzocchi. Over the years now, DVO has impressed the cycling […]

DVO Garnet Dropper Post Now Available!

DVO Suspension will be selling their Garnet Dropper post very soon according to their Facebook page. The post states that the DVO Garnet Dropper is available in either a 125mm or 150mm drop and seatpost diameter sizes 31.6 and 30.9mm DVO first showed the Garnet Dropper post at Eurobike last year but stock has only […]

GoPro apologises to Karma owners with free Hero 5’s

As we all know GoPro’s Karma drone launch hasn’t been as smooth sailing as the company had hoped. After the initial launch of the drone there was the delay with the launch, DJI launch a (better) rival, and then Karma started falling from the sky! That’s right, GoPro’s latest must have was losing power in […]

Cane Creek launch simpler, more affordable OEM shock

There simply isn’t a chance that you you haven’t heard just how tuneable the range of Cane Creek shocks are, but what if you don’t need all those knobs and dials? While its great to have the option to have full control over every aspect of your shock for some riders, for others all those […]

What is the GoPro Karma – Specs, rumours and launch

Coming later in 2016 is the GoPro Karma, the first entry for the action camera maker in to the drone market, so what is the GoPro Karma, what are the specs and when will it launch? At the time of writing the GoPro Karma is still very much a ‘in development’ product, but it is […]

China’s first budget 360 camera costs $130

360 video is the emerging tech to have for capturing the action, and it is China who have once again taken the tech and cut pricing down to levels almost everyone can accept. Chinese tech companies like to use inspiration (copy) other companies and sometimes that’s good news for the consumer. If it wasn’t for […]

GoPro Hero 5 specifications, release date and rumors

GoPro could be launching their Hero 5 action camera (or as the company likes to call them “activity capture device”). Keep reading the rumoured GoPro Hero 5 specifications, features and launch date. GoPro’s current top of the range action camera is the Hero 4, and what a great camera it is with higher resolution 4K video […]

GoPro Omni rig hopes to bring high def 360 video to the masses

GoPro have announced another option for customers seeking to record their adventures in 360 today with the release of the GoPro Omni rig. The Omni is a new 360 video rig from GoPro and consists of a plastic cube to which 6 GoPro Hero 4 cameras are attached (one on each side). When all hooked […]

Hope Tech working on hydraulic rim brakes

Back in the good old days before disc brakes and even before the V brake took off, all the cool kids wanted a set of Magura hydraulic rim brakes. Well now it’s 2016 and Hope are working on a set of their own designed specifically for trials bikes. If you are a hippity hoppity trials […]

Production Privee’s CR65 eccentric grips are nearing production

Have you ever wanted to have infinite adjustment on your bars without having to switch to different sweeps? Well you can with Production Privee’s new grips. As we all know, handlebars come in different lengths, heights and even sweeps. And it is that last details which can be a little tricky to get right. Just […]