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China’s first budget 360 camera costs $130

360 video is the emerging tech to have for capturing the action, and it is China who have once again taken the tech and cut pricing down to levels almost everyone can accept. Chinese tech companies like to use inspiration (copy) other companies and sometimes that’s good news for the consumer. If it wasn’t for […]

GoPro Hero 5 specifications, release date and rumors

GoPro could be launching their Hero 5 action camera (or as the company likes to call them “activity capture device”). Keep reading the rumoured GoPro Hero 5 specifications, features and launch date. GoPro’s current top of the range action camera is the Hero 4, and what a great camera it is with higher resolution 4K video […]

GoPro Omni rig hopes to bring high def 360 video to the masses

GoPro have announced another option for customers seeking to record their adventures in 360 today with the release of the GoPro Omni rig. The Omni is a new 360 video rig from GoPro and consists of a plastic cube to which 6 GoPro Hero 4 cameras are attached (one on each side). When all hooked […]

SJCAM M20+ prototype photos and hands on video

SJCAM have been teasing their latest compact action camera on their website and revealed partial specs, photos and even a hands on video. As the action camera market continues to boom we are seeing more and more interesting devices from lesser known manufacturers in China, and just like their tablets and phones, the Chinese alternatives […]

5 amazing pieces of outdoor tech from CES 2016

CES has been and gone and this year we saw a boom in tech just perfect for use outdoors. From drones to wearables, here are 5 of the top items from CES 2016. Technology is really pressing in on mountain biking and the outdoor scene as a whole, and at this year’s CES there were […]

SJCAM M10+ is a GoPro Hero Session on a budget with 2K video recording

You can’t go out on your bike without seeing some sort of action camera attached to a riders head. The SJCAM M10+ is a new breed compact device, but comes with 2K video and an affordable price. For years now we have all figured that your standard action camera is going to look like your […]

GoPro reveal new compact GoPro Hero4 Session camera

Like all good technology, GoPro have managed to shrink down the size of the GoPro camera and create the new compact GoPro Hero4 Session. Just looking at the image of the new GoPro we can see that the new camera is a much smaller unit, but according to the specifications it sounds like it will […]

5 Cheap GoPro Alternatives for mountain biking

With the weather hotting up we want to get out on the trails and record some action. The usual choice would be to go for a GoPro, but searching around can unveil some 5 Cheap GoPro alternatives for Mountain Biking. Thanks to the popularity of GoPro we have seen a rising interest from other camera makers […]