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10 year old Jackson Goldstone get way more air than I ever have!

I’m not shy when it comes to getting some air, but my air miles simple do not compare to the air that 10 year old Jackson Goldstone is managing! Just check out this video. Last week 10 year old Jackson Goldstone hit up Woodward bike park on his custom make Canfield full-suspension rig with a simple goal […]

Carbon Wasp looking to offer custom one-off frames

If you read our article about Carbon Wasp and their new DH frame yesterday then you might be interested learn that a new website is on the way with the chance to offer custom frames. Carbon Wasp have a rather unique way of building frames, using the latest in 3D printing techniques to first produce […]

Carbon Wasp 3D Printed DH Frame first photos

Carbon Wasp are getting a lot of attention these days and so they should! Here’s a look at their latest creation a carbon DH frame with 3D printed mould. If you haven’t heard of Carbon Wasp you need to get on to YouTube and do a little research. Basically the outfit is a one man […]

Swarf Cycles adding the finishing touches to new 650b model

UK based Swarf Cycles are entering the 650b hardtail market with a new beautifully crafted steel model. Swarf Cycles produce some really wonderful looking handmade frames from the full suspension Curve to the Spline hardtail, but both of those models use 26-inch wheels and there are plenty of riders out there who want to go […]

Fat Chance bikes are back after 15 years with a modern Yo Eddy

After a 15 year break away from frame building, Fat Chance are making a comeback with a modern twist on an old favourite. If the names “Fat Chance” and “Yo Eddy” go whizzing over your heads then I’m sorry, but back in the mid nineties Fat Chance were one of the big names in mountain […]