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2016 La Fenasosa Bike Park Super Eight Line

We were at the La Fenasosa bike park near Alicante this weekend, here is some footage from our weekend. This is the first video of a few I plan to upload through the week and shows the La Fenasosa Super Eight trail from top to bottom. This trail starts off really rocky then goes in […]

Video: Watch the YT Jeffsy in action

If you have been wondering how the 29-inch wheeled YT Jeffsy looks in action then watch this action packed video of the trailer tamer in action. YT bucked the trend today when they launched their new Jeffsy trail bike, not only is this the first time that YT had produced a bike for trail riding […]

Rocker BMX launch Mad MAX Electric Off Road GoKart and it’s rad!

Rocker is the brand that has single-handedly helped with the boom and popularity of the Mini BMX genre, and now they are branching out in to the off-road go-kart market. If you have seen a incy-wincy teeny-weeny BMX on your street or at the local skatepark, there’s a 99% chance that it has the Rocker […]

Watch Brendan Fairclough winter training in Portugal

Sit back and enjoy some awesome riding skills from the ‘Brendog’ in his latest video. Brendan Fairclough is without doubt one of the most entertaining riders to watch on a downhill bike. He’s an enthusiastic rider who really enjoys man handling his Scott Gambler around some of the roughest terrain on the planet. The following […]

Video: La Fenasosa open the new ‘Road Fifty Five’ line

Spanish bike park La Fenasosa have opened up yet another fantastic trail. Keep reading for a short video of Road Fifty Five. If you have visited La Fenasosa (located in Valencia, Spain) you will know that they have a huge network of trails, downhills and amazing jumps to play around on all day. That network has grown […]

Video: New Supercross line at La Fenasosa Bike Park

If you are heading to Spain this year for some downhill action, we recommend you check out La Fenasosa Bike Park and their new Supercross line. I was lucky enough to visit La Fenasosa Bike Park before Christmas and was amazed by the size and scope of the park. A lot of the jumps, especially in the […]

10 year old Jackson Goldstone get way more air than I ever have!

I’m not shy when it comes to getting some air, but my air miles simple do not compare to the air that 10 year old Jackson Goldstone is managing! Just check out this video. Last week 10 year old Jackson Goldstone hit up Woodward bike park on his custom make Canfield full-suspension rig with a simple goal […]