4 Andorra MTB Brands To Watch in 2020

4 Andorra MTB Brands To Watch in 2020

A small country with a big MTB heart!

Andorra is a tiny little country located between France and Spain, but despite its size there is a surprising concentration of MTB brands to keep an eye on.

Únic – Custom clothing made in the EU

Unique clothing is what makes Únic so…. unique. This clothing company make specialises in high-performance clothing designed for mountain biking with an aim to ensure that you are comfortable and look amazing on the trail.

What helps Únic stand out from the other mountain bike clothing manufacturers from around the globe is the fact that all of its clothing lines are 100% customisable via a simple to use online editor.

Customers choose from a selection of designs, materials, and cuts to get the fit and feel they’re after then can specify the colour combinations, add their name, and even have logos for teams or sponsors added too.

Únic doesn’t require a minimum order quantity and pricing is on par with similar high-end riding clothing. And if that’s not enough to convince you, then how about the fact that mountain bike legend Cedric Gracia is involved in the development of the brand too?

Commencal – World Cup legends

Commencal is a brand that shouldn’t need any introduction. The company celebrates 20 years in 2020 and in that time has helped to define the modern mountain bike market.

The Andorran bike company was one of the first ‘traditional’ companies to move to the customer direct model helping the brand to drive down prices and offer some excellent value for money bikes to fans.

Downhill racing has been dominated by the Commencal Supreme downhill bike, and its idler transmission design has been the inspiration to a number of other bikes that are launching in 2020.

For you history buffs, Commencal has also partnered with the Ahtertons, Cedric Gracia, and currently sponsors Myriam Nicole, Amaury Pierron and a host of other top talents.

Forestal – Up and coming tech start-up

Forestal is perhaps the most secretive bike company on the planet today. Not much is known about the brand other than they are preparing to launch lightweight e-Bikes in 2020 and again that Cedric Gracia is helping to develop them!

The company has approached the idea of creating a mountain bike a little differently than other brands which has resulted in the company being talked about more like a technology start-up than a traditional bike company.

Forestal aims to release it’s first e-MTB later in 2020 featuring a carbon fibre frame, self-developed motor, battery and screen and even operating system. What’s more the bikes will be designed, developed and manufactured in Andorra.

Production Privée – Keeping steel and Ti, real

Production Privée has actually merged with Forestal now, but the steel hardtail and full-suspension maker already has a dedicated fanbase. Originally, Production Privée made a name for itself for building classy steel hardtails that were blistering fast downhill and featured paintwork based off of classic race and muscle cars.

With the recent merger of Forestal and Production Privée, the steel frame maker is aiming at expanding its range of frames, developing new Titanium bikes and, like Forestal, will begin manufacture of bikes at its factory in Andorra.

Oh and surprise surprise, Cedric Gracia also has a hand in Production Privée too! When does this guy have time to even ride!?

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