aaron gwin prototype intense dh aaron gwin
Alloy test bike with new suspension platform.

Aaron Gwin spotted riding prototype Intense DH bike

A replacement for the Intense M29?

Aaron Gwin has been recorded out in the desert testing an all-alloy prototype Intense DH bike.

It’s the offseason and riders are doing what they should be doing, testing bikes, getting fit and being social. U.S rider, Aaron Gwin has managed to do all 3 in this latest Instagram post showing the RedBull sponsored rider testing in the desert.

But the bike he’s on isn’t an Intense M29, and it doesn’t even look like it’s made from carbon fibre either!

Gwin appears to be shaking down a new alloy prototype Intense DH bike, one with an updated suspension system that could replace the ageing Intense M29.

Though the entire range of Intense bikes on sale are carbon, it’s not unusual for Jeff Steber to knock together alloy prototypes for development purposes. This bike appears to have a much lower shock positing than the M29, a look that commenters claim is a copy of current Santa Cruz bikes, however, Intense has been spotted with similar low shock bikes since the mid-2000’s. Even Shaun Palmer was spied on a similar-looking design back in 2007.

Video: Aaron Gwin rides prototype Intense DH bike

Alloy test mule with low shock position.

It’s just a matter of time now before we see if Intense will choose to race this prototype Intense DH bike at UCI races this year, but even if they don’t this isn’t going to be the last we see of this secretive sled.

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