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Commencal Vallnord becomes Commencal / Muc-Off By Riding Addiction

2020 UCI Team listings confirm that Commencal and Vallnord have parted company making way for Commencal / Muc-Off Riding Addiction.

The silly season comes to a close as the UCI has published a listing of, most, the 2020 downhill race team and there are some surprises in there.

There are a few 2020 downhill teams that we already know about, such as the Commencal 100% team, but then there’s the Commencal Vallnord team, or to be accurate the Commencal / Muc-Off By Riding Addiction race team.

With Commencal splitting from Vallnord, there was room for a large title sponsor to step in, and as FMD have moved to Canyon, Muc-Off were free and have deep enough pockets for the Commencal crew.

As well as Muc-Off, Commencal will have other sponsors that at the time of writing haven’t been confirmed, though SRAM would be highly likely.

2020 Commencal / Muc-Off By Riding Addiction Riders

NameFormatBirth dateCountry
DAPRELA ThibautDH02.02.2001FRA
NICOLE MyriamDH08.02.1990FRA
PIERRON AmauryDH04.03.1996FRA
RUFFIN GaëtanDH29.06.1991FRA
RUFFIN ThibautDH30.10.1984FRA
THIRION RémiDH23.04.1990FRA

At the time of publishing, neither Commencal or Muc-Off had mad this new official, but once they do remember where you heard it first.

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