jack moir canyon collective factory race team

Jack Moir to Canyon Collective Factory Team

Shark Attack Jack Finds A New Home!

After leaving Intense Factory Racing in 2019 there have been a lot of questions surrounding where Jack Moir would end up in 2020 now we have the answer.

It’s not official yet, except it totally is! Jack Moir will be riding on the new Canyon Sender downhill bike for 2020 as he joins the Canyon Collective Factory Team.

The game of “Who will Jack Moir race for in 2020?” can finally come to an end as the UCI has posted details of some of the 2020 race teams, and his name has shown up on one. Rumours had placed Jack at number of teams and brands, but it looks like Canyon are the ones who finally got him to sign on the dotted line.

We’ve not seen an official Press Release or announcement on either Jack’s or Canyon’s social media accounts yet, but with this information already public it can’t be long now.

The Canyon Collective Factory Team, not to be confused with the Canyon Collective FMD piloted by the Seagraves, spans XC and downhill racing. Jack will be racing downhill alongside his new teammates, Troy Brosnan and Mark Wallace, making up a trio of talent that should get along pretty well with one another.

2020 Canyon Collective Factory Team Riders

NameFormatDate of birthCountry
A'HERN KyeDH24.05.2001AUS
BROSNAN TroyDH13.07.1993AUS
JEWETT JakobDH04.02.2003CAN
MOIR JackDH08.02.1994AUS
WALLACE MarkDH01.06.1995CAN

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