sonder signal ti pinion

Sonder Signal Ti with Pinion gearbox is Ti-rrfic

Sonder shows off a custom build gearbox bike!

Sonder’s Skunk Works has put together a one-off Sonder Signal Titanium hardtail with Pinion gearbox.

Sonder is the bike division of UK outdoor specialists Alpkit. The Sonder brand sells bike online and in stores across the United Kingdom, and designs each of its mountain bikes to handle the rough UK trail conditions and weather.

The Sonder Signal is a titanium hardtail that customers can buy online right now, but the difference between the model on sale and the one shown here is in the drivetrain. The Titanium Sonder usually comes with a traditional drivetrain, but this custom frame benefits from a Pinion gearbox.

Using a Pinion gearbox removes the delicate rear derailleur from the bike, and ensures a perfect chain line no matter which gear you choose, this should also improve chain life and simplify cleaning and maintaining the Sonder Signal after each ride.

Though this is a one-off, Sonder does offer a custom Titanium frame service meaning you could order the same Pinion equipped hardtail as seen here if you are willing to wait. If you are interested in one of these special Ti hardtails the cost of the frame along is £1750 and then the gearbox is an extra £1200 on top! So you had better start saving.

An off-the-shelf Sonder Signal Ti frame costs £1149, though complete bikes start from only £1549. Each Signal Ti is designed around a 130mm travel fork, 29in wheels and features size-specific chainstay lengths.

We’ve spent the last week drooling over Neil’s new Pinion gearbox custom build. And then several more hours drooling over cross sections of @pinion.eu gearboxes. Swank. Pure swank.⠀

Oh yeah, the news… we got lost in another gearbox reverie for a moment then…⠀

We’re now doing custom titanium builds with “any flavour of Pinion gearbox.” Whatever you want made of titanium, we’ll build it.*⠀

*It has to be a bike obviously.⠀

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